The ICC: My Reflections on the International Criminal Court.

The idea of creating International Criminal Court (ICC) is profound to the global justice system for holding individuals criminally responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. However, the court’s enforcement mechanism lacks effective authority to prosecute certain people, even those in the Rome Statute jurisdiction. Most war crimes are committed by head of... Continue Reading →

CLAN FEDERALISM: Somalia’s Clan Federalism is Far Worse than the current 4.5 Clans’ Power-sharing and Terrorist groups in the Country.

 Somalia is a federal state with six elements (States) organized along clan lines: Jubbaland, South West State, Puntland, Galmudug, Hirshabeele including Somaliland, a self-declared independence from the rest of Somalia after the collapse of the Somali Democratic Republic in 1991. The effort to create these clan-federal states within Somalia will test the limits of federalism... Continue Reading →

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