Hubinta Sugnaanta Xadiiska

Waxyiga Ilaahay noo soo dhiibay waa quraanka iyo xadiiska oo ah hadalkii iyo dhaqankii Rasuulka NNKH. Quraanka si gaar ah ayaa Ilaahay u ilaaliyey oo quraanka aan hadda haysanno waa hubaal. Laakiin waxaa ilaa qarniyadii ugu horreeyey Islaamka jirey in si xad dhaaf ah la isugu dayey in la abuuro axaadiis been ah kuwaas oo... Continue Reading →

Institutional and Systematic Violence of Land-grabbing to Gosha (Jubba) and Shabelle’s Indigenous Communities of Somalia.

In this article, I will examine the linkages between organized armed ethnic groups’ land grabbing, and land transfer by the Somali Federal government and its regional states, where regional states are key actors in recent large‐scale land transfers. As i argue in this paper and my 2015-piece “Somalia’s Land grabbing from the original Settlers” that... Continue Reading →

Wax ka baro Mahad Salaad shaqsiguu yahay…

Mahad Salad waxaa soo maray fursado badan uu ku kasban karay magac iyo maamuus. wuxuu ahaa Madaxweynihii hore ee Hasan Sheikh Mahamud gacantiisa midig. Afarta xukumad ee madaxweyne Hassan Sheikh xil ayuu kasoo qabtey. Mahad Salad Markii uu Wasiirkii Madaxtooyada iyo la taliyaha xaga Gobolada dhexe ee MW HSM ahaa waxaa lagu xasuustaa isagoo ka... Continue Reading →

The Politics of Somali Bantu Identity in the United States: by Stephanie R. Bjork

  I. Introduction The pursuits labeled ‘identity politics’ are collective, not merely individual, and public, not only private. They are struggles, not merely gropings; power partially determines outcomes and power relations are changed by the struggles. They involve seeking recognition, legitimacy (and sometimes power), not only expression or autonomy; other people, groups and organizations (including... Continue Reading →


SOMALIA: The South Africa Connection:>>  Transkei. Bophuthatswana. Ciskei. Venda. Gazankulu. KaNgwane. KwaNdebele. KwaZulu. Lebowa. QwaQwa. Do those names sound familiar to you? No, okay, maybe not. These next few names, though, will certainly ring a bell. Somaliland. Puntland. Jubaland. Galmudug. Konfur-Galbeed. Khatumo. Awdalland. Hirshabelle. Hiiraan. Maakhir. What do these names have in common, you might... Continue Reading →

2016 Failed Coup Attempt in Turkey: Who is behind this? Who are the actors? Why this time? Why and how was Unsuccessful?

Late on Friday afternoon June 15, military vehicles and troops gathered the Turkish capital of Ankara and its most populous city, Istanbul. The country’s Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim, has gone on television to announce that this is a coup attempt by “at least some portion of the military” against the current government of President Recep... Continue Reading →

A Grassroots Approach to Peacebuilding and Reconciliation: A Practical Strategy in Solving a Three Decades old Somali Conflict.

Somali people have the same religion, language and cultural background, but they have been forced to fight each other by inter-clan fighting at the cost of rule of law and statehood for over two decades. This paper, therefore, presents viable grassroots level reconciliation strategy to narrow down the social divide in Somali communities and to... Continue Reading →

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