SWAHILI COAST: Pre-colonial Swahili Coast and its People (Waswahili).

Swahili Coastal region of East Africa starts from Mogadishu in southern Somalia to its northern end to Kilwa in the south of Tanzania, the Bay of Sofala in present-day Mozambique, the further, the northern tip of Madagascar. This region is also historically known as Azania or Zingion (Zinj). Contemporary historians neglected the history of some... Continue Reading →

Mafia in Politics of Somalia

Somalia has dealt with a range of crises since the fall of Mohamed Siyad Barre. Civil war, political instability, the fight against the Al Shabab, and the long-running political mafia in the government are among the security problems with which most in the international community and Somali people are familiar. Somalia’s Political Mafia is politically... Continue Reading →

King Nasib Bundo, The Freedom Fighter.

Tradition attributes to Nassib Bunda many of the institutions and customs noted by the early colonial authorities in Goshaland. It is said that he sought to reinstate the practice of organizing villages along ethnic lines. He may also be responsible for the practice of appointing Sagale to supervise newly arrived immigrants and thereby ensuring his... Continue Reading →

Safarkeyga Dalka Rwanda

Markaan sawir kooban ka bixiyo dalka Rwanda, waa wadnaha qaaradda Afrika, oo xuduud la leh Burundi, Tanzania, Congo iyo Uganda. Waa dalka ugu yar Africa marka laga reebo jasiiradaha. Waa dal aan bad lahayn oo dhacda koonfurta Equator ee bariga iyo bartamaha Afrika. Dadkeedu waxaa lagu qayaasa ku dhawaad ​​12 milyan. Waxaana dega dhowr qowmiyadood,... Continue Reading →

A New Perspective Awareness on the New Military Development

The push to modernize military affairs is turning to non-state actors and technologies to conduct many tasks that are traditionally undertaken by the states’ military forces. Governments seek out proxy alliances, private/nonstate military forces and technological proliferation when the political or material costs of directly intervention are unpleasantly high.  The use of these methods for... Continue Reading →

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